Kajal Hindusthani


I am Kajal HINDUsthani.

"चातुर्वर्ण्यं मया सृष्टं गुणकर्मविभागशः। तस्य कर्तारमपि मां विद्ध्यकर्तारमव्ययम्।"

Who is Kajal HINDUsthani:

> About Kajal HINDUsthani:

Kajal HINDUsthani, a fearless lioness from Gujarat, who gave up her surname Shingala on social media and adopted a nationalistic approach by
using HINDUsthani with her name. She did this to spread a message to unite Hindus and HINDUsthanis. A young and dynamic nationalist by core
who is working towards spreading the awareness about Bhartiya Culture and Religions. She is working for Hindu human rights. She is a famous
Social Activist who works on Ground to Save girls from forceful conversions, she is followed by people of all ages. She uses social media to spread
her message to Lakhs & thousands of her followers on her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

> Issues Raised by Kajal HINDusthani:

Since 7 years

Love Jihad

Land Jihad

illegal Conversion

> Accomplishments & Ongoing Social Activities of Kajal HINDUsthani:

>As a part of 2019LokSabha Election Campaigned, To Spread Various Achievements of BJP & Honorable PM Shri.NarendraModiji Among NRI’s & Gujarati NRI's in 2018 Travelled to various US cities to Deliver Speech.

> Since 2018 goes to US every year to deliver Speech.

> Campaigned for Honorable LokSabha Speaker Shri.OmBirlaji in 2019 LokSabha Elections on Ground in Kota(Rajasthan).

>Settled Pakistani Hindus in Gujarat State.

> Rescues women who are Victims of Love Jihad from various parts of India.

> Participates in Various Television News debates as an Activists and Strong Nationalist voice.

>Stopping Land Encroachment by Minorities in Gujarat.

>Ensures that Drinking & Tap Water Reaches Slum areas of Gujarat.

> Works for Free Education for the Poor Children and Free Medical Treatment for the Needy People All over Gujarat.

> During Covid19 Pandemic Lockdown Provided 1month Rations to More than 600 Families in all Over Gujarat.

>Regularly Gives Speeches in Universities & Schools of Gujarat. And also on Social & Cultural Events.

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